Open Air weddings may soon be a reality

Those of you out there thinking of booking companies that provide the best photobooth hire Manchester has on offer for your upcoming nuptials may be interested to hear that you might be able to get married outside sooner rather than later, with the government now considering allowing non-religious groups to conduct marriages.

This means that people could soon be saying their vows on beaches, in forests, on mountaintops or riverbanks – wherever it is in the country that really takes their fancy! The proposal will include some criteria that will need to be met in order for such weddings to take place, but it means that groups like Freemasons or existentialists would be able to apply to carry out ceremonies for their believers.

Senior tutor at the Wedding Planner School Amber Hunter predicted that the move would prove to be very popular indeed. “People want the spiritual element but not necessarily the religious element and this would give people what they want and is probably more in line with the way people see the world today,” she went on to say.

Of course, while it might be very tempting to want to get married outside and be so close to nature when saying your vows, you’re always going to be running a bit of a gauntlet in the UK as the weather is so very tempestuous. It might be worth opting for an indoor wedding after all, just so that you and your guests don’t get wet and your lovely outfits ruined!