Children Of Married Parents Shown To Be Happier

A new study conducted by the Marriage Foundation has shown that children of married parents show significantly higher self-esteem than those of single parents or those whose parents were in a stable relationship, but unmarried. The research generally showed that teenagers who came from married parents showed greater confidence and happiness. The research looked at 3,822 children, of whom a majority of those with parents in wedlock showed much greater signs of self-esteem. The report suggests that children are seeing a sense of security and solidity in the household, which then manifests itself in their behaviour and character. The report showed that married parents had a greater positive impact on a child’s wellbeing than even the likes of family income. Although these kinds of reports are forever published in various news outlets and should often be taken with a pinch of salt, it nonetheless spells even more good news for prospective newlyweds. It only adds further credence and merit to the benefits of getting married. And for something so important, why not celebrate it with a fantastic wedding? Although everyone’s wedding is surely something unforgettable, it can be difficult to remember all those little details and intricacies, which make a wedding video all the more essential to your perfect day. At YSD, we provide professional wedding videos in the north west so you can relive your perfect day whenever you feel, as well as show the video to your happy children when they arrive! Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your ceremony one you’ll never forget.