Buying Your Wedding Flowers Wholesale

If you are a DIY diva then you may be looking at making your own flower decorations and bouquet to ensure your wedding day and Manchester wedding video look great. If this is the case, then consider looking at buying your flowers wholesale, rather than from a florist, to save money and get more choice over your blooms. There are various online flower wholesalers for example, Triangle Nursery, as well as some local wholesale retailers. If you live near a flower market you may be able to get flowers at close to wholesale prices there too.

Choosing your flowers

If you are going to a wholesaler they should be able to get you pretty much anything you want as they are buying your flowers for you at huge wholesale markets. It is helpful to go with a good idea of what you want though.ย  Do some research to ensure that you know the correct names and terms for what you want. Stem length is something you may not have thought of, but plants sold wholesale often have the stem length specified. Longer stems are more expensive but are generally considered to be higher quality flowers so consider exactly what you need – so measure your vases!


Obviously, your wholesaler will be able to provide you with far more choice than an average florist, but even they are restricted by what they can get depending on the season.ย  When you speak to your wholesaler they should be able to tell you the likelihood of being able to get hold of particular flowers at the time of your wedding. It is also difficult to know exactly how much your flowers are going to cost as wholesalers are passing on the savings of buying at market, but those market rates will also change from day to day. You need to start discussing your requirements with a wholesaler about six weeks in advance so they are aware of your requirements.